great people. very knowledgeable and they offer a great product. Thank Chris!

Jocelyn Diniz

SUPER helpful people. All our questions were answered. Thank you so much!

Kristy Tvedt Puffett

Tubs 'R Us did an amazing job on our pool! They were so helpful and went above and beyond to bring this pool back into shape after years of neglect by the previous owner. Within a week of closing on our new home, they measured our custom liner and installed shortly after. From maintenance to safety, they took care of it all! Thank you Tubs 'R Us!

Sara Dale

As any pool owner we fight algae ( green water) every August. I tried Walmart products but never got it as clear as I wanted. One week ago I took in a water sample they sold me their algaecide and Walaaa BLUE water. So for pool & spa needs check out Tubs R us next to Rudy's. #supportlocalbusiness #nofilter #blue

Lisa King